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Spencer grant to improve assessment of students’ writing skills

Josh Wilson’s Spencer Grant will allow him to expand his research to develop a new computerized formative assessment model that identifies student language skills at the word, sentence, and discourse level through automated evaluations of the essay’s word choice, syntax, and cohesion. He will examine results across multiple genres of student writing, and further test the ability of the model to predict scores on state writing assessments. Read More

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Assessing effectiveness of PEG Writing software

  Imagine an elementary classroom where students could write an essay on their computer and receive instant feedback on its organization, word choice and accuracy. They would then be able to correct Read More

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QUILS language screener for young children

Researchers in education, psychology and speech pathology have collaborated to develop a computerized language screener to help early childhood educators and specialists identify areas where young children are experiencing difficulties mastering language. Read More

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Creating improved observational protocol for writing instruction

With the attention that the Common Core State Standards give to writing, and the writing requirements in the new Smarter Balanced Assessments, many teachers and administrators are concerned about their Read More

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Number Sense Screener to help Pre-K, K and 1st graders

Nancy Jordan has received funding through IES to refine and extend work on a Number Sense Screener for identifying children at risk for mathematical difficulties. Read More

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Bringing computer and programming skills into the classroom

An interdisciplinary team of UD researchers has developed Partner4CS to help teachers integrate computational thinking into the classroom. The initiative has two components: a summer professional development institute for middle and high school teachers and a field experience course at UD designed to support those teachers. Read More

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Computerized Preschool Language Assessment

Using Developmental Science to Create a Computerized Preschool Language Assessment The purpose of this $2.8 million 4-year project is to develop a reliable, valid, norm-ready, research-driven, and culturally sensitive computer-based Read More

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A software program that evaluates essay writing

Researchers have established that computer models are highly predictive of how humans would have scored a given piece of writing. However, Joshua Wilson, School of Education, took his research another Read More

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